Chinese Aerospace Research Arm of the Red Army Loses 2 of 3 J-10 Prototypes – Why I Ask?

The other day, I just learned that the Chinese Aerospace research division of the Red Army’s Air Force had inadvertently crashed two of their three J-10 prototypes. This is a huge and unfortunate setback for the Chinese Military in their attempts to keep up with the United States and our fifth-generation stealth fighter planes. It is amazing that they would spend so much time using corporate espionage tactics in and around the US defense industry in order to learn how to build such an aircraft.And yet, after all that spying, and finally being able to produce a similar copy to our advanced fighter aircraft, they can’t seem to get the composite materials right, the lamination of the composites correct, or maintain the quality in manufacturing that is required in the high-tech world of stealth aircraft. As I understand it one of their J-10 Prototype crashed last week, and one just the other day. Losing a pilot from a midair breakup, and watching it disintegrate on the radar, must’ve been a horrific experience for those on the design, research, and corporate espionage team which had stolen the technology.One question I have, is that if they watched the aircraft break-up on radar as the Chinese Media outlet and Internet social networks in China say, then obviously it was not all that stealthy, there for their so-called fifth generation fighter plane isn’t stealthy or stable, see that point?Now then, judging from past recent history, surely heads will roll for the miscalculation, poor engineering, and mistakes made in manufacturing, which may or may not be attributed to the common problem in China of kickbacks and bribes. Nevertheless, they still have one Prototype left, but as I understand it they are afraid to fly it or do the required tasks to run it through its paces for fear they might lose it also, sending them all the way back to the drawing board and setting them back a couple of years, while China is still investigating these two crashes.These catastrophic failures which are hard to swallow for the Chinese who wish to save face, actually do prove a couple of things. First, it proves that the United States is light years ahead of the Chinese, the Russians, and every other advanced civilization on the planet when it comes to aerospace, space, and material technology.Our propulsion technologies, electronic technologies, and aerodynamic designs, along with our stealth savvy and prowess is by far the best in the world. And when it comes to second place, there really isn’t anyone else in this race, and there really isn’t any point in second place anyway. Secondly, when it comes to military tech the United States of America shows the worldwide we are the greatest nation ever created in history.Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you have any comments, concerns, questions, case studies, or empirical data on such matters, or if you have any interesting aerospace designs using your creative genius, and your God-given talents which goes along with the American gene pool, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

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